Who We Are

We are a Christian non-profit  organization based in Kampala-Uganda. We are involved in outreach to people especially children affected by adverse situations, and those who need help; our key concern being people affected by crime such as prisoners, ex-prisoners and families of people in prison specifically the children of prisoners. We help people regardless of their religious belief, ethnicity and race

Our Mandate;
To be compassionate by responding to needs of prisoners and their families

Our Vision:
A society where people especially Children affected by the criminal justice system get Justice and regeneration in their lives

Our Mission:
To address needs of prisoners and their families, with great attention being given to children with a parent in prison through sustainable and compassionate programs

1.      To mitigate the impact of imprisonment on families and society, and to address widespread social problems in the society caused by crime.

2.      To address problems affecting children of prisoners, by offering them general welfare, free Education, to strengthen bonds between children and their parents in prison by facilitating them to have regular contacts with their parents  in prison and  help them to cope with parental imprisonment.

3.      To carry out research and studies on issues relating to the imprisonment on society, with particular focus on children and families of people in prison.

4.      To Carry out faith based programmes in prison, and address needs of prisoners.

5.      To address the problem of HIV/AIDS amongst prisoners and their families.

6.      To engage the international community on issues relating to impact of imprisonment on the families and the community at large.

7.      To provide support and better livelihood of poor vulnerable young people affected by imprisonment  by taking them to local artisans to acquire vocational skills training skills .

8.      To Build and operate homes and schools for prisoner’s children.

9.      To engage government and cause the community to respond to the needs of people in prison and their families with specific focus on children of prisoners.

10.  To seek support in terms of financial, moral  or material  support and  to establish networks and strategic partnerships with local and international organizations aimed at enhancing the work of the organization .

11.  To support families of prisoners, with key focus on wives of prisoners and grandmothers of Children of prisoners, by offering them
psychosocial support and empowering them to become self-sustainable.