Nutritive Food Supplements For Inmates

Providing nutritional care and support for prison living with HIV/AIDS::

Providing nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS is an important part of caring at all stages of the disease. Prisoners should not be left out; so, working with Uganda Prison Service and our partners, we are feeding over 600 prisoners living with AIDS every day. Thrice a year, we donate 125Kgs to prisoners living with HIV&AIDS in Luzira Upper Prison. From the letters inmates write and our own assessment, we have discovered that inmates overreact to the effects of ARVs largely due to poor feeding, but with the Soya rich foodstuffs among other food supplements, their health has improved greatly.

The HIV/AIDS clients who have been benefiting from the food supplements have generally improved in their health status. This is verified by their general physical presentation, the reduced number of opportunistic infections reported by the health sector in the prison unit and the increased weight gain by those that were initially grossly emaciated.

There are prisoners who were on their deathbeds, but their health has been rejuvenated.
The inmates who had appetite loss, as a result of the High Protein maize floor have gained appetite to eat the other food that is served.
We need to increase on the variety of the food supplements, especially to counter the problem of constipation faced by the sick prisoners.

The love that you have showed to prisoners living with HIV/AIDS has surely impressed me and the food supplements you give to prisoners made me really praise God. Before I started taking Soya, I used to fall sick so often, I was sick and weak. But From the day I began taking Soya I gained strength, and I can even ran.
So I pray to God to continue giving you more love so that you can do more.
Before I was 43 kgs, but now am 47kgs.