What we do

We are involved in outreaches to people especially children of prisoners and those affected by adverse situations. Our key concern is people affected by crime such as prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families especially children of prisoners.

Our Interventions

Education Support:  We provide children of prisoners living with HIV/AIDS and those whose parents are on death row with quality and affordable education by paying school fees and provision of basic needs like blankets, mosquito nets, school uniform, scholastic materials, lunch and supper at school, shoes and clothes. We also Carry out programmes aimed at handling HIV/AIDS amongst such children. This includes prevention home based care and handling stigma. Many vulnerable children whose hope was bleak have been helped to attend school.

The principal objective of setting up this project was significantly to reach out to families affected by crime especially children who due to their predicament are placed vulnerable to many social problems in the society such as HIV/AIDS.
Everyday we continue to see a big impact this support has brought in the community around us.

Wells of Hope Junior School :Situated at Hope Village , Semuto 32 miles away from Kampala City-Uganda, is a boarding school for children of prisoners that was started by Wells of hope Ministries in January 2010 to offer education and also implement programmes that will prevent harmful effects of parental imprisonment on children. The school is called Wells of Hope Academy, it is a project of Wells of Hope Ministries.

As years go by, we hope to set up a secondary and vocational center where the children can acquire artisan skills just in line with our main objectives. We hope to set up a world center for the Welfare of Children of Prisoners that will not only encompass the school but also have a resource center and a study center tailor made to address issues to do with Children of prisoners globally. Click here to read more about the school.

Nutrition Boost and Psycho-Social Support for Prisoners Living with HIV/AIDS:

Wells of hope ministries is supporting over 600 HIV + prisoners in Uganda and donating food supplements such as Soya flour and sugar.

We are also providing psycho-social support programmes to over 1000 in-mates with the aim of promotion of prevention of HIV/AIDS, handling stigma associated with both HIV/AIDS and crime and Also Care for People Affected by HIV/Aids.

Evangelism in Prisons.
Wells of Hope Ministries reaches out to prisons within Uganda with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2005, we have witnessed many prisoners receiving Christ as their Lord and savior and this ministry has also been meeting the basic needs of the prisoners through provision of soap, Sugar, clothing to prisoners.

We are currently reaching out to the following prisons with the Gospel : Upper Prisons Luzira –Condemned/Death-row Section,Upper Prison Luzira – Boma/General Prison for Capital Offenders and Women Prison Luzira.

We Provide psychosocial support to HIV+ prisoners and their families.

We Provide spouses of HIV+ prisoners with voluntary counseling and testing; through the group and individual counseling provided by Wells of Hope to the spouses of the prisoners. We also provide voluntary counseling and testing services to children of prisoners.

The objectives are; to prevent infection, re-infection and the spread of HIV/AIDS especially by spouses of prisoners upon the imprisonment of their spouse.

We Support income generating activities for caretakers of prisoners’ children, providing them with start-up capital and training. The activities will include, but are not limited to the following: handcrafts (necklaces making, mats, baskets,); farming (to include poultry farming, rearing of pigs, vegetable growing, backyard farming, mushroom growing); small businesses in the market for those who own a market stall (e.g. selling of foodstuffs); hairdressing; and tailoring.

LIVES OF CARE TAKERS CHANGED BY SMALL GRANTSSUPPORTING INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES : The biggest number of people in prisons are breadwinners whose predicament has adversely affected their families and entire community. Children and spouses of prisoners living with HIV/AIDS are usually left in a vulnerable and worrying situation without any one to provide for them.Through support of our partners we are empowering families of prisoners living with HIV/AIDS through various income-generating activities by providing them with boosting capital of Sh.100,000/= each and training .

Hidden Treasure:
Every year Wells of Hope helps to lessen the pain of a parent in prison by caring for these children. We show these children who are always forgotten and hidden away in society around Christmas time that they are a treasure and there is someone who cares and loves them.

We carry out fundraising,mobilize gifts and we give them to the children at a party.