Wells of Hope Women Safe Home

In partnership with Ms Susan Burton, founder of A New Way of Life USA, Wells of Hope Ministries opened a Wells of Hope Safe Home, a home for formerly incarcerated women.

The home provides temporary shelter to women that are being released from incarceration but cannot immediately return to their communities for various reasons among which include fear of stigma, family breakages, or loss of contact with family members due to the long period in incarceration among others. The home which is located in one of the city suburbs is fully furnished, offering accommodation, meals, and all necessities that a woman would need to live harmoniously in a comfortable environment to heal from the trauma caused by the four prison walls.  

While at the home, the women are engaged in activities that help to reinstate their mental and psychological health through counseling and to take on a skill that is meant to help them get back on their feet and support themselves in the long run. Those that already have one known skill are helped to develop it and make it profitable while others are helped to take on one, not forgetting the continuous spiritual devotion that is meant to restore their faith and hope in life.

Women attending a class about liquid soap making