Uganda Reentry Guide

 Wells of Hope Ministries in Partnership with The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and in collaboration with the Uganda Prisons Service, is producing a national reentry guide for Uganda.

What is a Reentry Guide/reintegration guide

A reintegration guide, distributed to individuals in prison, prison officials, service providers, family members, and others can help incarcerated people plan their life after release and assist them in locating resources that will support their success.

A Ugandan reintegration guide will include a directory of useful services, advice for those preparing to leave prison, and worksheets that allow people to start making concrete plans. We expect that distributing regularly-updated reintegration guides to affected entities will produce a range of positive outcomes that help create a safer and healthier society.

 Best practices suggest that providing prisoners with information about what they can expect upon release, descriptions of the challenges they will face and how others have overcome them, lists of useful contacts such as jobs training programs, and encouraging words of advice can produce even more successful outcomes for people leaving prison and, by extension, for their families and communities.

We anticipate that providing incarcerated individuals with even more means to start planning their lives upon release, giving prison staff information that they can use to steer these individuals towards healthy choices, and making this resource available to service providers and families will have the following outcomes:

  • Improved employment outcomes for the formerly incarcerated.
  • Lowered recidivism.
  • Stronger connections between formerly incarcerated individuals and the communities to which they return.
  • Healthier families. Incarcerated parents are better able to integrate back into their families, and those families are better able to accept them and to form loving, supportive units. Especially for the children, it will be a joy for the children if their parents are reintegrated back into the family to help them achieve the best outcomes in life through improved parenting.

About the Architects

Wells of Hope Ministries is a well-established service provider within Ugandan prisons and has a trusted relationship with UPS, as well as with incarcerated individuals and their families.

The University of Illinois (USA)’s Education Justice Project produces a reintegration guide that is distributed across the US and has developed expertise in this area.

Work Plan

We anticipate that the first edition of the reintegration guide will be issued in by second quarter 2020 and the Reintegration guide will be regularly updated and re-issued on an every two-years basis.