Tailoring and Crafts


The aim for the project is to empower the mothers and grandmothers of children of prisoners with skills in tailoring. It is also meant to boost the economic status for mothers of children of prisoners on the Family and Community Engagement Project just like the other stated projects projects.

Our target number of beneficiaries for the tailoring project is 10 mothers but our starting number is 3 for 3 months after whom these 3 ladies will teach other 3 women and the training will continue until the 10 mothers acquire the skill.

We have 2 electrical sewing machines, fabric, thread of different sizes and colors and needles, all donated by AlfieRandich (of Alfies clothing in Florida). 3 tables were bought to be used for cutting materials on and 8 stools for the women to sit on while carrying out tailoring; all donated by Steve, Gina and the entire East Pointe Church (Steve and Gina’s home church back at home in the US). We have 4 treadle machines which were bought by Partners In Hope USA.

We were privileged to get trainers Suzan and Tony Thompson, friends of Stephen and Gina Gant who volunteered with Wells of Hope Ministries from 2014 to 2016. Susan together with her assistant Jackie volunteered to train the mothers of children of prisoners in tailoring. In July 2016, 3  mothers graduated from level 1 to level 2; and 3 ladies enrolled into the project. On 24th May 2018, mothers graduated in fashion designing; these were among the 3 who graduated from level 1 to level 2 in 2016. On the same day (24th May 2018), the 3 ladies graduated from level 1 to level 2.

The tailoring project is a continuous project aiming at empowering mothers of children of prisoners to become self sustaining.

The training is carried out annually. Different aspects/topics are taught among which include pattern making, sewing, different textiles/fabric, to mention but a few.