Study week on Children with Imprisoned Parents


The International Study Week is a 6 day event which is organised by Wells of Hope Ministries, where participants from different parts of the world are engaged on a study on children with a parent in prison. The participants also get to know more about what Wells of Hope does. Read more

Over the past three years the Study week  has grown and caught the interest of academicians, Social workers ,criminologists, Researchers, religious workers and practitioners working with Children with parents in prison  among other kinds of people. As Wells of Hope, The study week is a great avenue for us to consolidate our experience, to share new knowledge and skills, and to discuss and jointly develop an Action Agenda for Children whose Parents are in Prison. The study week also aims at promoting friendship, solidarity, and one spirit among people working with Children  whose parents are in Prison from all over the World.

The study week  also aims at educating participants about the effects of parental imprisonment. Like before, during the study week the participants will appreciate the plight of children of prisoners from a global perspective, they will learn and contribute towards creative and effective solutions that can be undertaken.

The one week with Wells of Hope team will take you to visit remote villages and isolated people especially grandmothers who care for the children of their children in prison. When you meet the families in the rural communities helped by Wells of Hope, you will be touched by their stories, motivated by their achievements and inspired to overcome the challenges in your own life and community.

In the afternoons and on the last day, we will conduct seminars and meetings to exchange ideas; share lessons learned and collectively arrive at an Action Agenda for Children whose Parents are in Prison.

During the study week, you will visit the Children at Wells of Hope High School and at their residential school – Wells of Hope Junior School, a school established to cater for the general welfare of the children of prisoners, the first of its kind ; you will be touched by their stories, skills and talents. These children will entertain the participants through Music, Dance and Drama which show the traditions of Uganda while communicating the plight of a child of a prisoner.

This year’s study week is scheduled from 14th to 20th June 2020

Participants will visit the parents of these children in Prison, talk with them and get to know what they think about their children and families. It is always an experience visiting Uganda’s prisons.

We will also provide you an opportunity to talk about your organization/agency or your work with children of prisoners.
Midweek participants will have an opportunity to tour Uganda’s tourist attractions to experience the fauna and flora that spells the beauty of our country.

It will cost USD 850 to cover your accommodation, meals and transport while you are here for this eventful week.

Please show interest by contacting us by email or ,we will be ready to answer your questions. Kindly let us know by 27th  May 2020  if you will be attending.

Look at some of the reports of the past Participants:

To get a flavor of the day to day account of what happened in September 2013,  you can read Rebecca Ginsburg  –faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the director of the Education Justice Project, the campus’ prison education program . Here is her  lively account available at this link