Sponsorship – Commonly Asked Questions

How soon after I begin my sponsorship will I receive my Welcome packet?
Within 14 business days we will send you a packet of information about WOH, our sponsorship
Program, your child’s profile and photograph. If you sponsor your child annually, you will receive a renewal statement once a year. If you sponsor monthly, you will receive a monthly statement with your outstanding balance and monthly pledge commitment.

How does my sponsorship donation help my child?
For most children in Uganda, education is not free. Your sponsorship will provide your child the most important tool for their future well-being and success – a good education. Additionally, your contribution will shelter, clothe, feed and provide any necessary medical attention a child may require.

Am I the only sponsor for my child?
If you opt to offer Full-Sponsor of a student, then yes you are the sole sponsor for that child. The Full Sponsorship level for a primary pupil is $35.00 monthly.And to sponsor a secondary student it will cost only $50.00 per month.

Can I send my child packages?
It is okay,it would go a long way to create and maintain the relationship between the sponsor and the child.

Can I meet my sponsored child?
This experience is very memorable for both the sponsor and the child and therefore we strongly recommend it. We ask that you plan your trip well in advance so that we can coordinate your visit with your child’s availability. Be sure to contact our office before you confirm any plans to visit your child in Uganda. We want to ensure that your trip and visit with your child is a truly meaningful experience.

Can I send money directly to my sponsored child?
Sending monetary gifts directly to your child is not advisable. As previously mentioned, when one child receives a gift of any sort and others do not – children are heartbroken and extremely disappointed when left out. Wells of Hope strongly requests that you make donations directly to us so that we can administer in a manner that will not isolate the child, allowing a sense of community and joy amongst all our children.

How do I write to my child?
You may send letters and cards anytime to our office. We ask that you send your correspondence through us so that we may keep a record and ensure that your private, identifying information is removed to avoid it being misused.

Can I bring my sponsored child to my country for a visit?
We do not permit the children in our programs to visit their sponsors outside Uganda for many reasons. Primarily, we endeavor to protect the well-being of the children under our care and to ensure they remain closely connected to their beloved culture. We are happy to plan with you a visit to Uganda so that you can spend time with your sponsored child. Please call our office well in advance of your trip to make your arrangements.

Can I send something special for my child’s birthday or during the holiday season?
We are keen on keeping our administrative costs low so we do not ship birthday presents or holiday gifts due to the costs involved. If you wish to send something special – please consider something light that can easily fit in a flat envelope such as stickers, pictures or postcards. Your ongoing financial gifts provide our children hope and a real opportunity for a bright future.

Can a package be sent to my child if I incur the cost?
Again, we encourage sponsors to make financial donations so that all children can enjoy special treats. However, if you feel strongly about sending your child a special gift – you may do so if you incur the postage cost. All packages must be sent to our office along with the designated postage fees.

When will my sponsored child leave WOH’s program?
If your sponsored child remains in our program through completion – they will leave after they have acquired a skill (University or vocational institution). Occasionally, a child’s extended relative will remove them from our program. Those children with specific skills will be given an opportunity to attend vocational school to acquire a trade such as masonry or auto mechanics. Other children may excel academically and have the opportunity to attend a local university. You may choose to sponsor your child’s education at the university level. However, your sponsorship commitment will increase per year subject to course and their University. Whenever your sponsored child leaves our program – we will offer you another child to sponsor who has the same hopes of an education and bright future.

Why is a secondary child sponsorship twice as much as a primary child sponsorship?

Secondary education costs more because the child has graduated to a higher class, where they cover more subjects and the needs are more.Generally secondary education in Uganda twice or even thrice higher than primary level education.

How often will I hear from my child?
You will receive a grade report and letter from your child at least once a year. If you have not heard from your child in that time – please contact our office so that we may contact our delivery partners in Uganda.

How do I cancel my sponsorship?
We recognize that you may need to cancel your sponsorship for a variety of reasons. Please call our office so that we may ensure your sponsorship is properly cancelled and so that we may personally thank you for your generous support.