Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark (LID ) Project is a Wells of Hope  project, currently at pilot level in 10  selected schools for one year (October  2013- October 2014) to work intensively, and in partnership across sectors, with prisoners, their families and children; all together, during custody and after release, to reduce school drop out, vulnerability of children with a parent in prison and promote better outcomes for children and community inclusion.

The LID  has the specific aim for each school to actively participate in the process of offering support and guidance to pupils who have a parent or close relative in prison.

The Head Teacher of the school provides  support in identifying who their  Point of Contact Person  (POC) is going to be.

The Wells of Hope LID team  does the following:

Supply the school’s  POC with all the information they  need, relevant websites, research, charities , etc.

  • Provide  contact details , so the school’s  POC can contact us direct with any questions or concerns.
  • Provide the school with relevant and sensitive age-appropriate posters/information, which can be displayed in your establishment as you deem fit.
  • Offer the opportunity for the  POC to attend any one of our events ,these may include visiting prisons, where we will take them through the visiting experience, from the perspective of children and family visitors, followed by a presentation, discussion and networking. 

The role of  the POC  is to be the person children and/or family can approach for advice and support. It is not about identifying children, but creating the opportunity for support, should they want it.