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One Child At A Time

Wells of Hope’s main aim is to reach every child with an imprisoned parent(s) and to restore their hope for a brighter future, especially during this time. Currently, the organization is supporting 170 children with parents in prison under the Education Support program in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. On 6th June, the president issued a directive that children should be sent back home the following day as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19. However, most of the children stay at Wells of Hope for various reasons. Some children are continuing their studies through the material which their teachers provided them with before they went back home while others are at Wells of Hope Junior School, the residential school for children with imprisoned parents under the organisation’s care. Some of the children currently at the Junior school do not have homes to go to while others (which is the biggest number) are at risk in their communities. The biggest challenge the children face is hunger because the families they come from are living in a very deplorable state; their caregivers can hardly afford to provide the children a meal every day and once they get it, it is a miracle. The other risks they face include: early pregnancies, child labor, among other issues.

Since the pandemic broke out in Uganda, the prices of commodities like food, hygiene supplies, scholastic materials, among other necessities have increased. The transport fares have doubled because means of public transport are allowed to carry half the number they used to carry before (pre-COVID), as a measure issued by the ministry of health to control the spread of COVID.

Our major needs at the moment include: food, mattresses, medical and hygiene supplies. In total, we need $6,017.13 to provide necessities to the children for 2 months. The proceeds will be used to purchase food, mattresses, beddings, medical and hygiene supplies. By participating in this cause, you will be a conduit of love and hope to a child with a parent in prison especially during this time.

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Mobile Money; 0780530619/0704630967


Bank Name: ABSA Bank Ltd
Account Name: Wells of Hope Ministries
Account Number: 6000489474


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