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One Child At A Time

Wells of Hope’s main aim is to reach every child with an imprisoned parent(s) and to restore their hope for a brighter future, especially during this time. Currently, the organization is supporting 170 children with parents in prison under the Education Support program in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. On 6th June, the president issued a directive that children should be sent back home the following day as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19. However, most of the children stay at Wells of Hope for various reasons. Some children are continuing their studies through the material which their teachers provided them with before they went back home while others are at Wells of Hope Junior School, the residential school for children with imprisoned parents under the organisation’s care. Some of the children currently at the Junior school do not have homes to go to while others (which is the biggest number) are at risk in their communities. The biggest challenge the children face is hunger because the families they come from are living in a very deplorable state; their caregivers can hardly afford to provide the children a meal every day and once they get it, it is a miracle. The other risks they face include: early pregnancies, child labor, among other issues.

Since the pandemic broke out in Uganda, the prices of commodities like food, hygiene supplies, scholastic materials, among other necessities have increased. The transport fares have doubled because means of public transport are allowed to carry half the number they used to carry before (pre-COVID), as a measure issued by the ministry of health to control the spread of COVID.

Our major needs at the moment include: food, mattresses, medical and hygiene supplies. In total, we need $6,017.13 to provide necessities to the children for 2 months. The proceeds will be used to purchase food, mattresses, beddings, medical and hygiene supplies. By participating in this cause, you will be a conduit of love and hope to a child with a parent in prison especially during this time.

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Account Number: 6000489474


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“I felt joy sitting with the children and actively interacting with them..”

19th May was a powerful day for me;  when l reached the training venue for the Youth Aim High, children had organised a special seat for me at the front of the class but a l got convicted to go and sit behind  with them especially those at the back, to watch them as others were participating during the session.

While sitting behind watching them, both girls and boys boldly asked the facilitator (who was from Wakisa Ministries Crisis Pregnancy Center) questions regarding “body mapping.” This gave me more courage to love what l do; to serve  with whole my heart amidst challenges. I got this revelation after remembering that l was chosen by God to serve. I felt joy sitting with the children and actively interacting with them during the session. When I heard a day scholar (child from the community) calling my name to guide him during the session, I was amazed because l didn’t expect him to know my name.

What l realized is that it’s important to get external facilitators to support in empowering youths as we prepare them for a bright future! Sometimes when they get used to the same person talking to them and they resort to not putting them into action.

We were also encouraged through music; l loved the song of KALEKE KASOME which means LET HER/HIM STUDY OR GO TO SCHOOL

Sharon is a special girl…..Kaleke Kasome (let her go to school), she likes to dance……..Kaleke Kasome (let her study)

Sam is a special boy…………..Kaleke Kasome……..He likes to laugh………..Kaleke Kasome

Sharon likes to sing…………..Kaleke Kasome……….Sam likes to laugh………Kaleke Kasome

Sharon likes to read………….Kaleke Kasome………Sam likes to learn………..Kaleke Kasome!

Compiled by: Gloria Nakangu Assistant Programs Coordinator

Helping Caregivers Better Their Livelihoods Through Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Gloria Nakangu, the Assistant Programs Coordinator interacting with Nantale (extreme right) and her children (Christine, 2nd left and Cissy extreme right) during one of the school breaks

Nantale in Bukerere Village, Kayunga district is the head of the family; she feels good about herself. Before the first COVID-19 lockdown (in March 2020), she was doing market vending of cosmetics and ever since the markets were closed, she opted to carry out her business at home. She used to sell her cosmetics on the verandah of her house after having a thought that she if she did not opt for the latter, she would use the capital and the money would not yield any profits.

Besides this, Nantale does farming for domestic consumption; to enable her meet all the family bills and to be able to provide two meals per day for her children. Nantale is enrolled in a Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLAs) in her community called Nweza kyolina group and due to her commitment towards her Income Generating Activity (IGA), she is able to save 2000/= per week.

Not only is she hardworking but also does her best to be a good parent to her children. She has three children and two of them are under the Wells of Hope Education Support program. During school breaks, Nantale ensures that she spends quality time with her children and is very keen about their neighborhood. She’s proud of her children; Christine 14 years is the child protection leader for Sharom group at Hope High School. She shared with Gloria Nakangu, the Assistant Programs Coordinator that this role has helped her a lot in her life because now she is confident and she can freely speak in public, she knows her responsibilities, sets good examples for other children, and her communication and leadership skills have improved.

Nantale is very grateful to Wells of Hope for the support being rendered to her and her children; through the caregivers workshops, she was able to start up an Income Generating Activity and the organisation came to her rescue when she was helpless. Her children are receiving free education and all welfare all packages; this has greatly reduced the burden she has at home.

Youth Aim High Program Launched

Ruth and Wells of Hope team sharing a picture with the children after they had received books from Wakisa Ministries.

We were extremely honored as friends from Wakisa Ministries – Crisis Pregnancy Center interacted with the youth at Hope High School yesterday. Mrs Ruth Gambu, the Center Manager presented the Youth Aim High program to the children (youth from Wells of Hope Junior School & Hope High School).

During the session, the children their fears among which included: darkness, drugs, death, sexual abuse, shame, wars, isolation, prison, accidents, failure, storms, strangers, famine, trauma and COVID 19. Early pregnancies, school drop outs, HIV&AIDs and other Sexually transmitted diseases.

Mrs Ruth Gambu, Wakisa Ministries – Crisis Pregnancy Center Manager facilitating about the Youth Aim High program at
Hope High School, Semuto

Ruth cautioned them against engaging in early sex. She shared outcomes of early sex and these included: early pregnancies, school drop outs, HIV&AIDs and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Ruth educated the participants that the physical body relies on three things; the body, spirit and the soul and she encouraged them to stay sexually pure and this starts with their minds and bodies.

Ruth encouraged the participants to practice self-affirmation, to forget the past circumstances and focus on the future. She warned teenager girls against befriending some young boys who write love message on papers and send them to girls to start relationships. She added by saying that sometimes they meet in dark corners or behind wash rooms and toilets to have sex . She encouraged the children to commit themselves and wait until marriage to have sex; to know and love themselves, respect their bodies, take responsibilities of their lives, seek guidance incase of danger, avoid bad touches, keep their dignity, manage their time well, help others; to know their purpose in life and be descent.

The pupils and students expressed confidence as they interacted with Ruth. Boys were also engaged in the session; 64 children attended in total and 17 of whom were boys.

We thank Wakisa Ministries for their support towards children who have parents in prison.

Wells Of Hope Children Stirring Up Change In Their Communities

Wells of Hope team sharing a photo with the alumini on 15th May at the Women Safe Home

The Wells of Hope alumni met today to share experience and get equipped on how they can transform their communities using the knowledge they acquired from Wells of Hope. These are mostly boys and girls that have completed school or are at university and trade schools.

Joan and Vivian presenting some of the things that need to be changed in their communities

I have traversed many parts in Uganda, and I have seen first-hand that a majority of communities are impoverished and under developed and the people have resigned life. The lifestyles, mindsets and attitudes are worrying! Everywhere I have been I see potential, I see virgin communities that need change. Uganda is endowed with talent and natural resources, diverse fauna and flora but it so sad that people still live in abject poverty and have no hope. The people are welcoming/hospitable, even in their challenges they are full of life and fun! I see a huge gap; I see a need of community changers. Through Wells of Hope, for years now we have been training Children of incarcerated parents as Change Agents, or as I call them LOVE AGENTS, because we have shown them Love, we believe they can also pass on the same Love to their communities, and that’s what will transform their communities. Many of these adult children hail from such impoverished communities and its these children now grown that will be channels of the much needed change.

Through them we are building a platform where they will connect and share resources, knowledge and build synergy to help each other. And Wells of Hope will continue to be there to support them, through them we have created a family, a movement for change that will sweep across this nation and entire Africa. Each of these children is a seed that we are going to plant into the community to yield fruits of change! They are WELLS OF HOPE COMMUNITY CHANGERS. I envision that the change this world needs is going to come through children who the world ignored, and these are children with incarcerated parents! I value your support that enables us to be a vehicle for change! Thank you for being apart of this change, God bless you

Francis Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Founder

This is a journey that has just began and we look forward to have children growing to be change agents in their communities.