An Adventure Of Taming Dragons

I and Christine (2nd row; right) who was my co-counselor sharing a picture with the Pearls who were the youngest group of girls

The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement as the children shrieked and jumped with joy upon
seeing the bus arriving with the staff signaling the start of a fun week for them. As counselors
we were soon each assigned a group of campers whom we would be caring for during the
entire camp. The theme of the camp was ‘How To Tame Your Dragons’ drawn from 2 Corinthians 10:5 “I destroy every claim and every reason that keeps people from knowing God. I keep every thought under control in order to make it obey Christ”; which indeed helped the campers bring all
thoughts to the obedience of Christ.
Morning rotations were always the highlight of the day as the campers learnt various lessons
and skills like bible lessons, health lessons, interpersonal skills, team work to name but a few.
The campers were mentored inline with careers which gave me an opportunity to really know
the desires and aspirations of these young minds and guiding them in order to achieve their

The counsellors, team leaders and support staff always amazed me with their loving care of the
teams which to me was a manifestation of God’s love to the children through the leaders. It was
also encouraging to see the children apply the lessons and skills learnt in the morning rotations
to their daily life for example after teaching the children who they are in Christ and that they
are created in the image of God, one of the campers called Resty always told me that everything
concerning her is of the image of God and it did not matter what everyone else said!!!

The celebration of the children’s birthdays brought so much joy to the campers evidenced by
the laughter and excitement as each of the campers received a birthday gift, each of the teams
received a cake, and participated in the talent show.

Birthday party; the Pearls cutting their cake
Birthday party: the Pearls with their birthday gifts

The creativity and talents of the children shined through the talent show as the children modelled, danced, acted skits and plays relating them to the theme of the camp which showed that truly the children had been impacted with the lessons taught.

The Campfire was also brought to life by the roasting of maize as the campers helped each
other to roast maize and ensure that everyone including the team leaders had maize. When it
came to awarding of Character Certificates, the campers were emboldened and strengthened as
each of them was recognized for the good virtues they had displayed throughout the camp and encouraged to be even better children of God.
I was blessed to be a counsellor of the little ones and words are not enough to thank the
organisers and partners of the camp for such an enriching experience of sharing in the
children’s joys, dreams and desires and can only pray for more such camps that encourage
spiritual growth to be held for the children as the children were left more aware of who they
are in Christ, how worthy, powerful, important and loved they are.

Elizabeth Butuyuyu, Finance/M & E Officer

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