Interactive Learning; Helping Children Cope With Their Emotions

Gloria Nakangu, the Assistant Programs Coordinator engaged in an interactive session with the younger girls at Wells of Hope Junior School

Most of the issues children with imprisoned parents face are psychological. Through interactive learning sessions, they are able to deal with their emotions and feelings. Last month, the children (in groups according to their age bracket) were engaged in 6 sessions and the topics included: Self-control; Team work, Dressing Code, Hygiene and Time Management; Staying Safe at Home, School and in the Community; Respect and Discipline; Reconciling conflicts; Discipline, Time Management, Academics, Using resources and Dressing code.

Many issues were raised during the sessions which included: speaking out clear expectations about their moods and feelings; they expressed their worry about the current situation of COVID-19 and wanted to know how to manage the pandemic.

They were encouraged to think before they act; to develop good positive discipline and remain positive to avoid temptations; to be optimistic despite the current situation. They were educated about how to stay safe at school, home and in their communities and the measures included: respecting the rules and regulations both at home and school, always ensure that they are escorted by a friend anywhere they go (to avoid issues like child kidnap), pay more attention to their feelings (like fear, emotional concerns regarding bullying or any related child abuse cases) and call or make an alarm for help in case of danger. They also shared safety measures while playing games; “If we first set safety rules for a game before playing this will help us,” one of the children shared.

During the session about discipline, Gloria, the Assistant Programs Coordinator facilitated about the types of discipline; preventive, supportive and corrective discipline. The children got know the measures to take actions to misbehaviors by keeping themselves engaged; to know self- control skills to help them to control their feelings and emotions in order for them to make good decisions and to get back on track after realizing their weaknesses; and the importance of following the rules and regulations at school and they said this will help them to improve on their academic performance and class attendances.

The children were also encouraged to focus on their studies so that they can achieve their dreams; and not to misuse the resources that are entrusted to them.

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