A fantastic day at the junior school

I and my groupmates jubilating after winning the musical chairs game

It was a Sunday morning on 6/June/2021, we set off from Wells of Hope Head office heading to Wells of Hope Junior School. Despite the fact that it was raining heavily, we reached safely and found the children in their school chapel. The children’s moods were low due to the cold weather, but as soon as we entered the school chapel, they were very excited to see us attend Sunday service with them.

It was such a great Sunday service that I was left in awe! I was extremely happy to attend Sunday school with the young children. The service was led by Martha 15 years, one of the children; she conducted very interactive sessions with the theme God Is Great; and she referenced it fromExodus14:21-31. The children were very active and had love for the word of God which encouraged me to keep yearn for the word of God. We were encouraged to trust God and to stand firm because God will always fight for us.

Seeing the children happy is one of my interests! The young children were very happy during the session of coloring pictures of Moses and the Israelites crossing the red sea. one of the children was heard saying, “my favorite time during the service has come! I cannot wait to see what we are going to color today!”

The coloring session

Our service was concluded with worship and a prayer led by Martha.

The time for games was another exciting moment that took my minds back to when I was young. The children were divided into three groups each group having a leader from head office or school staff and we all participated in a singing battle and musical chairs. I was extremely happy because my group beat the rest of the groups in the second game (musical chairs); and we were given gifts!

Here is another wonderful and touching moment for me; during the group session, the children shared more about heroes day and they were very active about this. They shared with me the names of their heroes; some said their heroes are their parents, God, mothers, among other heroes.

One of the children said that their hero is president Museveni because he inspires them to become leaders; this was an encouragement to most of the children and I. We also had a wonderful moment talking about wishes. The children shared their wishes which included: suitcases, books, school bags, dresses, shoes, balls, bicycles, toy cars, teddy bears, clothes.

However, there are some wishes that really touched my heart; one of the children wished that his father gets released from prison so that he can also become normal like other children. To me this felt like he thinks he is abnormal but it reminded me not to take life for granted but instead surrender our worries to God who is in charge of everything. Another child shared that they wish to complete their studies and do a nursing course such that they fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

After all this, I gave these children encouraging words and told them not to stop praying for their wishes because God is the author of everything and he knows us all. We concluded the session in prayer. Later, we shared a very sumptuous meal together.. To me this was a very nice bonding moment with the children; I learnt more names of the children and really had a very fantastic day with them.

Compiled by: Zulaiha Arinaitwe, Frontdesk Officer

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