COVID-19 Response

One Child At A Time

When the president issued the directive to close schools as a way of curbing the spread of COVID-19, necessary measures were taken by the organisation. 69 children stayed behind and are staying at Wells of Hope Junior School; some of the children do not have homes to go back to while others are at risk in their communities. The staff at the schools have decided to camp at the Junior School for the children and their safety during this time. The children are continuing their studies through video lessons which were made by their teachers. The children who went back home are continuing theirs through the material they were provided with before they left. Through your generosity, the children are receiving continued access to education during this pandemic. However, the prices of commodities like food, hygiene supplies, among other necessities have increased. The transport fares for the commodities (cargo) have also increased. We ask you to join us in bringing hope to the children during this time by making a donation towards the One Child At A Time campaign.

Our target is to raise USD6,017.13 by 30th September 2021. Through your generosity, we have raised USD1,066.97 so far.

With your support, we can raise USD4,950.16 that we need to hit the target. The proceeds will be used to purchase scholastic materials, food, mattresses, beddings, medical and hygiene supplies. By participating in this cause, you will be a conduit of love and hope to a child with a parent in prison especially during this time.

Any size of donations is welcome



Mobile Money; 0780530619/0704630967


Bank Name: ABSA Bank Ltd
Account Name: Wells of Hope Ministries
Account Number: 6000489474


Click the donate button below:

Partners in Hope USA –501(c) 3
PO Box 51173
Amarillo, TX 79159
Email ;
Contact Person MS Brooke Skypala​

The other way you can be part of this cause is by sharing this campaign with your loved ones

Thank You

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