“I felt joy sitting with the children and actively interacting with them..”

19th May was a powerful day for me;  when l reached the training venue for the Youth Aim High, children had organised a special seat for me at the front of the class but a l got convicted to go and sit behind  with them especially those at the back, to watch them as others were participating during the session.

While sitting behind watching them, both girls and boys boldly asked the facilitator (who was from Wakisa Ministries Crisis Pregnancy Center) questions regarding “body mapping.” This gave me more courage to love what l do; to serve  with whole my heart amidst challenges. I got this revelation after remembering that l was chosen by God to serve. I felt joy sitting with the children and actively interacting with them during the session. When I heard a day scholar (child from the community) calling my name to guide him during the session, I was amazed because l didn’t expect him to know my name.

What l realized is that it’s important to get external facilitators to support in empowering youths as we prepare them for a bright future! Sometimes when they get used to the same person talking to them and they resort to not putting them into action.

We were also encouraged through music; l loved the song of KALEKE KASOME which means LET HER/HIM STUDY OR GO TO SCHOOL

Sharon is a special girl…..Kaleke Kasome (let her go to school), she likes to dance……..Kaleke Kasome (let her study)

Sam is a special boy…………..Kaleke Kasome……..He likes to laugh………..Kaleke Kasome

Sharon likes to sing…………..Kaleke Kasome……….Sam likes to laugh………Kaleke Kasome

Sharon likes to read………….Kaleke Kasome………Sam likes to learn………..Kaleke Kasome!

Compiled by: Gloria Nakangu Assistant Programs Coordinator

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