Helping Caregivers Better Their Livelihoods Through Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Gloria Nakangu, the Assistant Programs Coordinator interacting with Nantale (extreme right) and her children (Christine, 2nd left and Cissy extreme right) during one of the school breaks

Nantale in Bukerere Village, Kayunga district is the head of the family; she feels good about herself. Before the first COVID-19 lockdown (in March 2020), she was doing market vending of cosmetics and ever since the markets were closed, she opted to carry out her business at home. She used to sell her cosmetics on the verandah of her house after having a thought that she if she did not opt for the latter, she would use the capital and the money would not yield any profits.

Besides this, Nantale does farming for domestic consumption; to enable her meet all the family bills and to be able to provide two meals per day for her children. Nantale is enrolled in a Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLAs) in her community called Nweza kyolina group and due to her commitment towards her Income Generating Activity (IGA), she is able to save 2000/= per week.

Not only is she hardworking but also does her best to be a good parent to her children. She has three children and two of them are under the Wells of Hope Education Support program. During school breaks, Nantale ensures that she spends quality time with her children and is very keen about their neighborhood. She’s proud of her children; Christine 14 years is the child protection leader for Sharom group at Hope High School. She shared with Gloria Nakangu, the Assistant Programs Coordinator that this role has helped her a lot in her life because now she is confident and she can freely speak in public, she knows her responsibilities, sets good examples for other children, and her communication and leadership skills have improved.

Nantale is very grateful to Wells of Hope for the support being rendered to her and her children; through the caregivers workshops, she was able to start up an Income Generating Activity and the organisation came to her rescue when she was helpless. Her children are receiving free education and all welfare all packages; this has greatly reduced the burden she has at home.

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