Educational Material And Food Supplies For Families Of Children With Incarcerated Parents In Kenya

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the directive on school closure left Wells of Hope children, caregivers and parents in prison in total dilemma. We are grateful to Wells of Hope Uganda and all our sponsors who have reached out to us during this time.

Wells of Hope Kenya volunteers are working tirelessly to counter social economic challenges affecting families of inmates with key focus being children with parents in prison.

We are glad to report that Families and children under the care of Wells of Hope Kenya have received food supplies, clothing, and transportation to medical appointments, mosquito nets, learning materials for homeschooling, Hygiene supplies, face masks, and COVID-19 awareness training sessions. The children and their caregivers were extremely happy after receiving the supplies.

Wells of Hope Kenya staff packaging supplies to be delivered to children with incarcerated parents

Mercy 8 years is one of the children who were visited on June 16th. Her family stays in Port Victoria Busia that is adversely affected by floods. Mercy and her siblings are staying with their grandmother Eunice after they were displaced by floods; their home, crops, and animals were swept away leaving them with nothing. Since Mercy joined the Wells of Hope Education Support program, her grandmother has seen great potential in Mercy. She’s extremely happy that Mercy is now active, very interactive, responsible and very hopeful despite the floods and Covid-19 challenges. She said that Mercy is always leading the entire family in prayers and short worship songs. Mercy’s positive behavioral change has attracted many children from the neighborhoods who always join her to listen to her narrations and reminisces of her best experiences during her days in school like the Annual Camp. With the recent supply of food, learning materials, malaria drugs and hygiene bags, Mercy’s hope has been restored as well as her family’s.

On June, 17th our team visited more families of children with parents in prison; Baraka 10 years was one of the children whose families were visited. The team delivered food donations, face masks, sanitizers, and learning materials. Before the closure of schools, Barak’s performance was good and we are happy that learning materials will keep him occupied and continue his studies. We are glad that his sister who’s in grade 8 is helping him improve his areas of weakness. He was very excited after receiving the supplies which were delivered by the Wells of Hope team.

Many of the families that we visited in the community recall the happy moments of 2019 especially when Camp David of the Ozarks visited! The children’s lives have positively changed! Caregivers are extremely grateful to Wells of Hope for the support being rendered to them.

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